Secure online data, start from photos

Store and share safely online

Retain your data ownership and security with encryption

  • Your data are automatically end-to-end encrypted before leaving your device, no matter it is a full-resolution photo or just a thumbnail. Accesses to them are multi-factor authenticated. No more worry about leaving the photos of yourself, your family and friends all over the Internet. Even if your password is compromised by bad actors, your data are still protected by other authentication and strong encryption layers by your security network. No 3rd-party can access.
  • Best yet, you can also do the same by providing extra strong protection to your family and friends and keep them safe online.
  • You are in control

    Choose the clouds you like

  • You choose your favorite cloud storages to store your encrypted photos. No one else can own your data. Sengi neither stores nor has any access to them.
  • You can always export your photos to Photo Library in original form.
  • Easy and fun

    Easy backup, save storage and fun safe sharing

  • Safely share as you snap, safely share in your albums, or safely share by simply importing from Photo Library.
  • Backup your photos with one-tap or automatically. No more laborious process.
  • Save cloud storage by keeping full resolution for your favourite photos while storing the rest as high resolution.
  • Free up your device storage.

  • Highly available

    Work online and offline, and recoverable

  • Take and view photos as usual, even your device is offline. Internet connection is not a reason to prevent you from capturing the best moment in life, or simply taking a photo for journal.
  • You, and only you, can securely recover your encrypted photos with the help of your security network, even when you lose your phone and encryption keys, or forget your password.