The problem in a cloud age

Cloud is awesome, but it has a downside - the security and the ownership of our data.

Cloud is not a friendly environment for our data. Once uploading our data there, we lost the ownership of our data, forever. This security problem significantly reduces the usefulness of cloud, because we have to be very careful on what to store online and use cloud only when we have to.

In fact, this problem is not limited to cloud. It is much bigger. It is really the status quo of the Internet. In particular in this increasingly connected world with the rapid advancement of data gathering, the dots of our digital lives are being harvested and learned, which becomes incredibly invasive and makes us vulnerable. As users, we have little control, other than censoring ourselves, not using the Internet as much as we wish.

This is not the cloud we expect and not the Internet should be.

A better way - using cloud and the Internet securely

If we can use cloud and the Internet securely, lives can be just much easier.

We can do much more. We can keep our data in cloud. We can share more personal information with family and friends. We can have more fun. We can work closely with schools. It becomes much easier to work with our lawyers, accountants, doctors, financial institutes and even government. We can also collaborate closely with our business partners and much more.

We can achieve this. With Sengi, each individual Internet user can build a strong end-to-end encryption and authentication network in the Internet that protects online data and makes the digital lives much more secure on the Internet.

It's a personal choice to protect one's online data. Sengi gives us the option to allow us do more and truly enjoy the freedom, fun, and convenience the Internet and the cloud have to offer


We are a group of software engineers and researchers in domains of mobile computing, high performance computing, Internet security and cryptography systems at the University of Waterloo in Canada, with experiences of developing and researching critical products, services and technologies at such as IBM, Google and startups. We thank for the valuable feedbacks and advices from experts in the fields, and the continuous support from our networks.