Privacy Policy

In the following policy, Sengi Corp. (the "Company" or "We") explains 1) what information we collect through the access or use of our products and service (the "Service"). 2) how we use the information 3) the choices we offer, such as how to access and update information

Data related to account registration

The mobile number submitted for opening an account is for authenticating the account. Once verified, the mobile number is not stored in the servers. Only the value of a cryptographic hash of the number is stored associated with the account. Once the verification step is completed, the Company is no longer able to use the submitted number to reach the user.

Data Collection

Our goal and policy are to collect minimal user information . We are not able to access to the user data protected by end-to-end encryption. We neither store nor are able to access users' photos.
User data collection includes the following:
  • The notification information related to a device, which allows the company to facilitate communications among users
  • Backup of encrypted data related to a user's security network: for recovery purpose, the end-to-end encrypted data related to a user's security network is stored in the Company's servers.
  • Backup of encrypted metadata of user photos: for recovery purpose, the end-to-end encrypted metadata of user photos are stored in the Company's servers.
  • Communication with the Company: your communication with the Company such as feature requests, bug reports or support requests may be stored by the Company
  • Activity of use of the Service.

  • Data Use

    Any data that we do have will not be shared except under the circumstances described below in Data Disclosure. We may analyze the limited data we possess, for example, to detect anomaly and prevent abuse, as well as to improve our services.

    Data Disclosure

    We will only disclose the limited user data we possess if we receive an enforceable court order. If a request is made for encrypted data that we do not possess the ability to decrypt, the fully encrypted data may be turned over.

    Data Retention

    Active accounts will have data retained indefinitely. Deleted photo metadata data are also deleted from production servers. Deleted data may be retained in our backups for a longer period of time.

    Modifications to Privacy Policy

    We reserve the right to periodically review and change this policy from time to time. We will post the changes in this page. If the changes are significant, we will notify users who have enabled the notification preference about changes to our Privacy Policy. Continued use of the Service will be deemed as acceptance of such changes.